​About Us

Event planner team

Partners Event Planning specializes in curating events that are talked about long after they have ended.  We are a client centric organization. We take the time to use active listening skills during your consultation.  There is usually a lot more beneath the surface and we probe until you divulge your goals and true intentions for creating a special event.  The information you supply is like fuel for the fire.  Each event we create is an experience that ignites curiosity and at times brings out the inner child.  You will never hear the word ‘no’ from us.  If you can dream it, we can create it.  We love a challenge because it encourages us to come up with new solutions.  Sometimes the most complex problems have the simplest resolutions. 
Our team is diverse and passionate.  Each has a particular specialty.  Of the five planners on staff, one is a logistical specialist.  Another is a décor strategist.  Our most senior planner has a heightened palette for cuisine so you are guaranteed that any caterer we select will be on point.  One of our planners has a background in marketing and graphic design.  She will make certain that any marketing collateral and invitations are quality from start to finish.  We also have a planner on staff that has a background in negotiations and procurement.  She makes sure that you receive the best pricing for venues, lodging and travel.  To learn more about what we have to offer, contact us today.

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