Corporate Events

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People will remember you by the products and services you offer and the events you host.  When you pull off a successful event, your name lingers in the air for months to come.  Your competitors mimic your ideas.  Employees are boastful and their productivity levels increase as a result.  Customers spread the word to other potential clients.  It’s a win-win situation.  Throughout the year, everyone on staff is focused on fulfilling the tasks detailed in their job descriptions.  When its time to plan a team building exercise, holiday party or conference your staff is pulled away from their daily tasks.  Allow them to focus on being productive in their assigned roles and leave the corporate event planning to dedicated professionals.
Team Building Exercises
Team building exercises are beneficial for start ups and seasoned corporations.  Newly formed departments and veteran teams can grow cohesively from strategically planned team building exercises.  Partners Event Planning is versed in creating non-cheesy events that will bring your team together.  The goal is to ensure that each participant understands their counterpart’s strengths and weaknesses and how they can work together to maximize the strengths and minimize the weaknesses.  If your company is building a new initiative, brand, or policy it is important that everyone is on board and ready to take the leap together.  Allow us to curate a series of activities that will ensure that everyone is on board. 
Holiday Parties
Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah are three celebratory events that all happen within the same time span.  When planning a corporate holiday party one must be respectful of the various religious, spiritual and philosophical beliefs of your diverse staff.  Partners Event Planning are experts in interactive and fun holiday parties.  Don’t leave the details to your assistant or secretary.  They have enough on their plates.  When we plan your holiday party it is guaranteed to be a good time had by all.  Best of all is that the party is in alignment with your brand, corporate culture and values.
Awards Dinners
When probed, the average American reports not being seen or heard.  In essence we want recognition for our talent, work and contributions.  An awards dinner is a great way to communicate to your employees that they matter and you see them.  Most awards dinners are dry, predictable and sleepy at best.  Everyone is on their best behavior, diplomatic and mindful of corporate politics.  Give us the chance to craft something different.  We have all had our fair share of dry chicken, cheap wine and tasteless beef.  Our expert event planners possess the imagination and contacts to make your annual awards dinner truly amazing.
Trade Shows
Trade shows is where you showcase your business and reestablish yourself in the marketplace.  They are costly and can be logistical nightmares when you don’t have the right planning in place.  Regional, national and international trade shows are a great place to procure new clients, access a new demographic and meet new partners.  We are adept at planning corporate trade shows from start to finish.  Allow us to sit down with key partners to understand your objectives.  As planning professionals, we can design your booth, uniforms, marketing collateral, arrange travel, ship and store products and even hire sales representatives.