​Experiential Events

A man standing with four drink glasses

We curate experiential events for anyone that desires to connect their products and services to customers.  It’s one thing to sell a product or service but another entirely to get them to interact with it prior to purchase.   Partners Event Planning creates events that allows your demographic to engage with your business in real-time.  The result is a lasting impression that is indelibly marked on the brain.  They will have positive association when they think of your brand.  Experiential marketing is a thing.  It goes beyond the norm of traditional marketing techniques. 
Social Media
One of the things that makes experiential events so powerful is the social media aspect.  The goal is to have your hashtag go viral.  We give participants the opportunity to film and take photos while interacting with your product.  When the experience is palpable, they will jump at the chance.  This creates a “me too” factor in which their followers will want to experience the same thing.  We use social media to spread the word.  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are powerful vehicles.  Your targeted demographic will dictate the social media platform.  Creating a catchy hashtag and clever geotag is key.
The Message and The Product
Experiential events positively correlate with sales.  When a participant tweets their experience or creates an Instastory while engaging with your product – Eureka – we’ve hit gold!  Experiential events go beyond B2C.  They are for B2B brands as well.  We’d love to share some of the events that we’ve executed for companies based right here in Fort Lauderdale.  Think about how you want people to view your product and how you’d like them to utilize it.  From there we can carve out the message you want to send.  The final result is an event that communicates your message to your demographic while engaging them with your product in real time.
The Fun Theory
When we plan experiential events we are sure to capitalize on the fun theory.  Never heard of that before?  The fun theory is the philosophy that people are more likely to do something if it looks fun.  If you sold books and gave out free copies of your book, most people would accept but who knows if they would ever read it.  Creating a fun house where people were able to walk through a life size version of your book and interact with the characters while enveloped in a setting straight out of your book, they are more likely to purchase for themselves and others.  In fact, they will tweet about it and invite others.
The Time Factor
Sure, we could create an event and invite folks to show up but that’s not always the most effective approach.  At Partners Event Planning we take complete advantage of the “you’re already there” approach.  If they’re already in line at the grocery store, we’ve got a captive audience easily distracted by a novel idea and beneficial experience.  Grocery stores utilize this construct when they offer free samples while you’re strolling the aisles and cheap candy when you’re waiting in the checkout line.  Our team of veteran planners are like sponges.  They soak up all the information you have to offer.  We will do our own research and interact with your product to create an unforgettable experience.