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There are a million places where money can be allocated.  Non profits and worthy causes around the world compete to gain access to vital resources in an effort to continue to run their programs and serve their demographic.  Donors are becoming more and more skeptical about where their money is going.  A conservative political climate certainly does not help.  This is a challenge that Partners Event Planning accepts and excels in.  We plan fundraisers that are interactive, unique and add credibility to your organization.  For a fundraising event that inspires people to donate, contact us.
Having worked with various non profits located in the Fort Lauderdale area, we know that many organizations are operating on a wing and a prayer.  In todays political climate, many are complaining about the lack of resources available.  Our job as your event planners is to curate an event that inspires people to give.  We combine technology with visual stimulation to pull heart strings.  Credibility is key in fundraising.  Partners Event Planning employs post event follow up techniques to remind people of their commitment and ensure them that their donations are indeed going where intended.  Fundraising is easy when you hire us.
Fundraising for the Individual
Sites like Go-Fund Me are popular and far reaching.  In many cases, individuals and families receive thousands of dollars from sympathetic individuals.  Should you decide to go a more personal route and reach out to the people in your community, contact us for an affordable yet impactful fundraising event.  It doesn’t matter if you are suffering from cancer or have lost your home to disaster, we can help.  We use our contacts to secure sponsorships from local businesses as a way to cut costs and have a greater impact.  Our company is known for combining interactive activities with technology to create stunning visuals.   
Community Fundraisers
Tropical cyclones and hurricanes plague this area.  Entire neighborhoods have been wiped out by an act of God.  Consider Partners Event Planning to orchestrate a mega fundraising event to benefit the entire community.  After 15 years in business, we have garnered enough contacts to exceed the desired goal.  We may be able to secure the venue gratis.  When you hire a professional, essentially you are hiring their contacts.  Choose a company that has skin in the game.  Given that we are conveniently located in Fort Lauderdale, we are vested in the community and desire to see it thrive in every way.
360-Degree Service
When we say don’t lift a finger, we mean it.  Allow us to orchestrate all the nitty-gritty details.  If you don’t do this for a living, it can be overwhelming.  Even the smallest most intimate events have a lot of moving parts.  We were built for this.  We live for this and therefore offer 360-degree service for every event planned.  Not only do we plan be we also do the sourcing, management, décor, setup, breakdown, payment and follow up.  After the initial consultation there is literally nothing left for you to do except show up.  We use active listening skills and emotional intelligence to curate events that are talked about long after they’ve ended.