​Private Parties

A girl prepared something for private parties

Parties are a vehicle to celebrate life.  The average American adult spends more time at work than with their loved loves.  Imagine a life of commuting daily for one hour each way, working for ten, grabbing grub on the way home from work, a little T.V. and then starting the process all over again the next day.  This is the life of most working adults.  All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl.  Add some spice to your life and celebrate your accomplishments with a party that brings your loved ones together under one roof.  Best of all, you don’t have to lift a finger when you hire Partners Event Planning. 
Birthday Parties
No one does a birthday party like Partners Event Planningr does.  Whether this is for a child or a mid century adult, let us take over the reigns.  Sophisticated fun or bohemian chic or perhaps a doll house, princess or cartooned themed.  Is this a dirty thirty or fabulous and forty?  Allow us to curate the perfect event for your next circle around the sun.  We’d be happy to share photos with you of previous birthday parties that we’ve planned.  All of our clients are satisfied, happy and return annually for consultations and planning.  Leave the logistics and stress to us while you focus on being in the moment.
Dinner Parties
We love to plan dinner parties because they are intimate, sexy adult fun.  Everyone loves food and will make time in their busy schedules to indulge in it.  Dinner parties require very little post clean up.  The luxury is in the details.  Even the simplest cuisine can seem lavish.  It will be our pleasure to sit down with you and hash out the particular.  Hiring the right caterer is key.  Even if you have decided to cook yourself, we can arrange assistance and servers if necessary.  Setting the scene will create the mood your attempting to conjure.  Invitations whether electronic or paper help your guests understand what to expect and how to dress.      
Anniversary Parties
In America, we romanticize love.  Most of us have no idea what it takes to sustain love, fidelity and compassion in a marriage.  Yet we jump head first into the biggest decision of our lives.  Only those closest to you may have an inkling about the ups and the downs of your unique union.  You’ve made it this far.  Ten years, fifteen, twenty and fifty years are all accomplishments that should be celebrated and acknowledged.  Enlist  Partners Event Planning to design an anniversary party that compliments your personalities, interests and desires.  It can be low key or all out revelry.    

Retirement Party
Well, you hung in there!  That’s more than what most people can say.  Today’s economy makes it very difficult for people to retire and receive a pension.  Allow us to bring together your favorite co-workers and family members that benefited from your patience and steadfast commitment to your profession.  This party will demarcate the beginning of your new life.  Getting up every day for forty years and going to the same place day after day and doing the same thing year after year takes a fortitude that young people just don’t have.  Whether you are going to spend your days traveling, painting or visiting with your grandchildren, let this party be your reintroduction to life as you know it.