​Social Events

A lots of candy

At Partners Event Planning, we do more than plan parties.  We design the décor, conduct pre and post management and organize events in alignment with your personality and brand from start to finish.  We bear in mind that it is your reputation that is on the line and any event orchestrated in your name is a reflection on you.  Our consultations are in depth.  We take the time to discover what you really desire beneath the surface.  Whatever your imagination can conjure we can manifest as a tangible reality.  Enlist us to curate your next social event.
Bachelor/Bachelorette Party
When people think of bachelor and bachelorette parties they typically conjure up memories of disastrous events that play out on the big screen.  Today’s bachelor and bachelorette parties are sophisticated, well planned and co-ed.  No need to violate your commitment to one another on your last day as “single” individuals.  We can plan a party that celebrates how far you’ve come since the moment you first met.  Strippers and debauchery have the tendency to undo all the trust and faithfulness that you worked so hard to establish.  Our veteran party planners can create something sophisticated that involves food to feed the soul or a fun filled and unpredictable evening.    
Baby Showers and Naming Ceremonies
A baby shower serves as a formal announcement to the world that you have a little one on the way.  Babies are expensive so you will need your community to come together and pitch in.  All of this culminates with savory and sweet noshes complimented by expertly planned décor.  You have mommy-to-be yoga classes to attend, Lamaze and a baby room that you must coordinate.  Who has time to plan a shower?  Your girlfriends have careers and children themselves.  Allow us to take over.  One in-depth consultation is all we need to plan the baby shower or naming ceremony of your dreams.
Rehearsal Dinner and Bridal Shower
The rehearsal dinner is the formal introduction of the families.  You and your fiancé have already talked about your backgrounds and the type of families you grew up in.  You have had the luxury of time to gain a better understanding of what you are getting yourself into.  Your parents and siblings – not so much.  Partners Event Planning makes the transition from one family into two, as smooth as possible.  Give us the low down on each guest’s unique personality.  We will plan the seating accordingly.  Don’t leave it up to a relative or friend who may not have the time and has lost touch with who you are at this very moment.  Hire a professional to curate the event of a lifetime.
What kind of event planning company would we be if we didn’t coordinate weddings?  Even if you and your fiancé decide to elope there are still a lot of moving parts.  We sit down with couples every week and they all say they want something simple but in the end, it’s always a big to-do.  If two cultures are merging, allow us to help them come together cohesively on your big day.  We want to honor both of you and your heritage in a special way.  Your personal planner will execute the décor, cake sampling, gown fittings, venue selection, invitations, seating, cuisine, entertainment and more.